Ways to Use Our Platform

Crowd Funding:
Do you have a cool new idea for a business, getting married soon, having a new baby, going back to school, or an un-expected emergency? These are all great reasons to create your own personal crowd funding website. Crowd funding is quickly becoming a mainstream method for raising money. Now you can create your own crowd funding website and 100% of all proceeds stay with you.  
Fundraisers & Charity Events:
Easily accept donations, sell goods and create awareness for life's special causes. The goal of any fundraiser or charity event is to raise awareness and capital to support the cause. Now you can easily do so from a cell phone or mobile device. Best of all your supporters can easily share your cause with their networks too.
Marketing Landing Pages:
Don't want a website? No worries. We still offer many features and tools to compliment your business. Easily adjust your marketing message and promotions without disrupting your current website. Our platform is packed with benefits to help you and your customers connect easier. We are far more than just a website. We are a utility loaded with features to help you grow and manage your business from a cell phone.

As Your Website:
Our platform can easily take the place of your website, perform as an additional website, or even compliment your existing website. We provide a suite of website tools and features to make your life easier. Our websites look beautiful on all device types and computers. Never again will you need to rebuild your website. As technology and website practices evolve, so do we. Custom website design packages are available.
Modeling Portfolio:
We are an excellent solution for creating your modeling portfolio. We give you the ability to easily share who you are with the world without having to invite strangers into your social networks. For the social network lovers our platform is fully integrated with all major social media sites. Combining the 2 gives you control to share exactly what you want and how you want with complete professional appeal.

Coupons & Promotions:
Coupons and Promotions are great for staying in touch with the people most interested to do business with you. Easily share coupons and promotions from your cell phone and social networks with the click of a button. We provide the promotional tools and features to help you connect with your customers more often.
Displaying Videos:
Video is one of the most effective methods for sharing content online. Videos will significantly increase the rate of your conversions. Whether you want to share a personal video, or video about your business we have a cool solution for you. Watching videos is one of the top activities performed on the Web today. 
Events, Invitations & Announcements:
Our Events feature is easy-to-use and an excellent tool for creating invitations and announcements. These activities not only are common for everyday life, but are also great for building buzz about your business. Easily create an event, remain in contact with your attendees, and share with social networks from your cell phone. 
Product Information & Catalogs:
The fastest way to share information about yourself, your products and your services is making it easy and mobile friendly. More than half of all Internet browsing is performed on a cell phone or other mobile device. We provide several cool ways to create and display information about what you do. Now you can easily share your product information and catalogs from your cell phone. Best of all, so can your customers.
E-cards for Special Occasions:
A mobile friendly e-card is an excellent way to connect with your customers and anyone else you want to share special moments with. We give you the tools to easily create and send e-cards for all occasions. Holidays, Birthdays, Event Reminders and Special Greetings are just some of the many uses to send a mobile phone friendly messages to your customers.
Your Resume:
This is an awesome delivery method for any resume. We provide everything you need to make a lasting impression with any employer. The Internet has become part of everything we do. Chances are any job position you are seeking will require some level of digital interaction. We give you the tools to separate yourself from all other applicants. Easily include your professional highlights, video introduction and a hard copy of your resume with one tool. Best of all we make it easy-to-do from your cell phone or mobile device. 
School & Work Projects:
Want to impress your fellow classmates, colleagues, or teachers, and leave a digital footprint of your proudest project moments? We provide an awesome way to do so. Our platform is an excellent tool for all students and professionals young or old. Our tools and features are so easy-to-use anybody at any computer skill level can use our program to digitally display and share projects. Now you can use the web, email and your phone to present projects.
Sales Pitches & Presentations:
Choosing the best way to deliver a sales pitch or presentation can be nerve racking. You only have 1 chance to make a great first impression. We've created a suite of tools and features to help. Using our platform to display and share these types of moments is sure to leave a lasting impression. Easily create, display and share sales pitches and presentations using our mobile phone friendly platform. Also know who has opened, viewed and shared your work.  
Job Listings:
The more professional your job listing is, the more likely you are to attract the individuals you're looking for. Not only should your job listing look and feel professional, it should also be accessible from any device type and any location day or night. We provide you with a professional method of attracting the best professionals. Also included is an organizational method for storing your applicants. 
Your Biography:
Your biography is your legacy. This is a compilation of the moments that define who you are.  If you're gonna spend the time to create the material that leaves your footprint on the world, why not do it with a tool that is sure to compliment your finest moments. We provide the tools to make a lasting impression and help you separate your story from the others.
Online Recipes, Menus & Cook Books:
Need a fun, cool way to share and store your food genius? We provide a suite of tools to do so. Now you can easily share and store video demonstrations, text descriptions or visual images. Since you most likely don't have your computer open next to your baking station but are likely to have your cell phone in your pocket, now all your secret recipes are readily available. 
Company or Personal Profiles:
Websites and social networks are today's modern version of business cards and little black books. However, websites and social networks often grow into massive amounts of information that don't clearly define your profile at a glance. Using our platform gives you an alternative method for sharing the elevator pitch of what you do or who you are without disrupting the importance of your website or social networks.
Digital Signature Cards:
Emails and text messages are today's most popular forms of communication. Your digital signature could be the defining moment of leaving a lasting impression. We give you the digital tools that are sure to impress all of your colleagues, new contacts and customers.